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YFM Product Restoration

YFM Product Restoration

Our proprietary restoration process strictly focuses on restoring beauty products back to their original condition. We work hard on keeping products in use for as long as possible before restoring them at the end of their life.

All products that come into YFM are inspected to ensure brand authenticity and to make sure all new and upcycled beauty products are in the best condition when considered for our website. Rest assured each individual product is professionally sanitized so no oils, bacteria, or germs are transferred. We use a combination of several sanitation techniques including alcohols and castile soap, as well as layered product removal and UV blue light sanitation. 

Naturally, we are huge fans of the upcycling phenomenon and want to encourage everyone else to jump on board with us and consider why we do what we do.

  • Doing our bit for mother nature
  • Saving materials from flooding landfills
  • Total Energy Saver
  • Minimal use of natural resources
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Supporting members of the community

Check out our about page to see a brief video of the sanitation process.

Photography: @harper_sunday

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