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Tips & Tricks From Our Best Sellers

Tips & Tricks From Our Best Sellers

Do you really need ALL those beauty products cluttering your cabinets and counter space right now? Most likely not, but hey they are fun to look at. For those trying to be environmentally conscious in the slightest ways or if you simply just want to organize your daily life. One of the first steps we took to figuring out ways to minimize our personal carbon footprint was to look within our beauty routines.

We get it though, cleaning out your cabinets can be hard! Not just because you have to go through products, but it’s also hard to give stuff up! Even after you’ve convinced yourself to let go, how do you get rid of those unwanted products? Uhm, hello that’s where YouFromMe comes in!

We've sat down recently with a couple of our top sellers to provide some tips and tricks to help you sell those beauty products.

Any tips on keeping your products in good condition to send to YFM?

Britney M: I try to keep all my products standing up and not laying on-top of each other to avoid leakage into another product.

Cindy S: I avoid having my products in the direct sunlight, I store them all in a dark cool place. Take your products off the the bathroom counter and away from heated rooms, as this can make certain formulas separate and can also cause mold.

Jessica S: Always be aware of expiration dates. Look for the open jar symbol with a number beside it. I once was using a face serum that was 4 months expired... oops!!

How do you decide what items to send in to sell?

Tammy B: I decide on what to send to YouFromMe based on how many times I have used the product or if it’s benefiting me anyway.

Cathy K: I usually make a big pile of items I know I am never going to use… then I sort them by the kind of shape they’re in and if they are a brand I think would sell well on YFM.

Lindsay S: If an item has been sitting on my shelf for months and still has never been opened, it’s time to sell and make some money back!

Kate S: I clean out my cabinets at least twice a year and have three piles, one to sell, one to donate and one to recycle. When I have a good-sized pile, I order a shipping label.

What is your top secret tip to cleaning out your cabinets?

Mary P: My top secret tip to cleaning out my cabinet would be to remember that I’m making room for new things! It’s a nice incentive, plus it just feels good to clean out often especially products I don't use.

Michelle B: Stop saying “I should keep this…I might use it.” If you haven’t used it in the last several months, chances are you won’t use it at all or it will expire.

Lisa C: My top secret is to be brutally honest with myself and think about what I actually need or if it's benefiting my skin. If I just like the idea of it and it's benefits but have something similar, it’s time to get it out of my cabinets.

Elsa E: If I don’t love it, it goes! If it doesn’t work it, it goes. If it irritates my skin, it goes (sometimes we all buy something thinking it will work miracles and ultimately it won't).

Listen to our top sellers, selling your new or barely used beauty products doesn’t have to be a pain! Keep the things that work and sell the things that don’t (someone else might just benefit from it). Order your free shipping label today and start selling!

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