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The Future of Beauty is Circular. White-Label Resale. Maximize Your Impact with YouFromMe.

Let us elevate your beauty brand through the power of resale

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, but one thing remains constant: waste. YouFromMe offers a white-label beauty resale platform that empowers beauty brands to implement sustainable e-commerce practices. We offer a seamless solution that allows brands to resell unwanted inventory, including unopened returns, lightly used products, and slightly tweaked packaging, while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing profits.

A Seamless White-Label Solution

YouFromMe makes beauty resale effortless for your brand. Our white-label program seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. Here's how it works:

Here's How It Works

Maximize the value of your inventory by partnering with YouFromMe. We handle all aspects of the resale process, from product intake and inspection to listing, marketing, fulfillment, and customer service. Brands simply integrate our platform with their existing systems and earn a share of every sale.

Join us in optimizing your supply chain and enjoy these benefits:

  • Profitable Sustainability: Reduce waste, extend product life cycles, and generate a new revenue stream.
  • Maximize Returns: Turn pre-loved items into a new revenue stream, creating a win-win for your business and the environment.
  • Unlock Hidden Value: Discover untapped opportunities in unique and returned products, offering customers a chance to find hidden gems.


Competitive advantage

Seamless white-label integration
Expertise in beauty product resale
Strong focus on customer experience
Commitment to sustainability

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