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The Future of Beauty is Here

YouFromMe is leading the beauty industry, ensuring no product gets wasted or ends up in the landfill.

The beauty industry produces 2,900 tons of hazardous waste per year.


How YouFromMe Helps The Environment

Proper Disposal
Most consumers do not know that many of their cosmetic products are considered hazardous waste due to their flammability properties. The products that are expired or truly at the end of their usable life are being disposed of properly through a hazardous waste vendor, while the packaging is being recycled. The products are incinerated to produce power for industries which prevents them from reaching the landfill.
Affordable Beauty Products
Many consumers would never buy various cosmetic products from high-end manufacturers because of the price. YouFromMe offers the products at a discounted price making them available for all socioeconomic statuses.
Social Good
YouFromMe donates beauty products that may not be able to be resold. We have the opportunity to give individuals an opportunity to feel beautiful, when they may not be able to afford it normally. These donations can lead to the empowerment of the individual or may help them in an interview for a new job. Many people do not know this is an option with their cosmetic products.
Save Water
With climate change, water is fastly becoming a rare and precious resource. A single cosmetic product (lotions, creams, etc.) is comprised of roughly 70% of water. The manufacturing steps of a beauty product require several thousand liters of water. By giving cosmetic products another life, YouFromMe provides a drastic decrease in water consumption by the cosmetic industry.
Lower Emissions
The cosmetic industry produces 23 tons of air emissions per year through its manufacturing processes. YouFromMe prevents the need for more manufacturing by reintroducing products into the market.

3 Ways YouFromMe Reduces Waste

1. Reuse of products
YouFromMe gives consumers' cosmetic products another life by offering a simple way to dispose of their beauty products. These products are then reintroduced into the market preventing the need for more manufacturing of products and packaging. The cosmetic industry produces 2,900 tons of hazardous waste per year. Shop or sell with us.

2. Donation of products
YouFromMe gives consumer's cosmetic products another life by offering a simple way to dispose of their household beauty products. Products that do not make economical sense to resell are donated so the product can be fully consumed. Donate with us today.

3. Recycling of packaging
The packaging of cosmetic products that are expired or past usable life is recycled through TerraCycle. TerraCycle takes the cosmetic packaging and creates a feedstock for packaging that is reintroduced into the packaging market. Learn more.

Impact By The Numbers