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YouFromMe is leading the beauty industry, ensuring no product gets wasted or ends up in the landfill.

Up to 70% of beauty products go unused


Where Beauty Meets Sustainability

Responsible Disposal
Did you know some beauty products contain ingredients that require special disposal? YouFromMe ensures these are handled responsibly through certified hazardous waste vendors. Expired or unusable products are safely incinerated to generate energy, keeping them out of landfills. Packaging is recycled whenever possible.
Affordable Luxury
We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality beauty products without breaking the bank. YouFromMe offers pre-loved items from top brands at significantly reduced prices. Explore a curated selection and discover hidden gems without the hefty price tag.
Empowering Beauty
YouFromMe isn't just about saving money, it's about making a positive impact. Many products are also donated to partner organizations. This allows individuals facing financial hardship to access beauty essentials and feel confident. You're helping someone feel empowered while reducing waste!
Preserving Our Planet
Water is a precious resource, and the beauty industry uses a staggering amount. A single product can contain 70% water! By giving pre-loved beauty a second life, YouFromMe significantly reduces the need for new production, which lowers overall water consumption.
Reducing Emissions
Manufacturing beauty products generates significant air pollution. YouFromMe helps minimize these emissions by extending the life of existing products. Fewer new products need to be made, resulting in a cleaner environment for everyone.

3 Ways YouFromMe Reduces Waste

1. Reuse of products
YouFromMe gives consumers' cosmetic products another life by offering a simple way to dispose of their beauty products. These products are then reintroduced into the market preventing the need for more manufacturing of products and packaging. The cosmetic industry produces 2,900 tons of hazardous waste per year. Shop or sell with us.

2. Donation of products
YouFromMe gives consumer's cosmetic products another life by offering a simple way to dispose of their household beauty products. Products that do not make economical sense to resell are donated so the product can be fully consumed. Donate with us today.

3. Recycling of packaging
The packaging of cosmetic products that are expired or past usable life is recycled through TerraCycle. TerraCycle takes the cosmetic packaging and creates a feedstock for packaging that is reintroduced into the packaging market. Learn more.

Impact By The Numbers