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The Circular Marketplace for
Beauty Products
Who We Are

Our Mission

We are here to close the loop within the beauty industry to better our planet and create a community of sustainability. YouFromMe is a centralized marketplace where you can shop, sell, donate, and recycle all beauty products from one place! It's a community passionate about sustainability and transforming the beauty industry. We empower individuals to make conscious choices by offering a circular solution for their beauty routine.
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What We Offer

Our sectors

Shop your favs
Shop brand new and gently-used beauty products from hundreds of different brands.

Sell Your Products
Give your brand new or barely used beauty products another life through resale.

Donate to give back
YouFromMe has partnered up with multiple non-profits to give back all sorts of products to communities across the U.S.

Recycle your empties
We have partnered with Pact Collective to recycle hard-to-recycle packaging and products.

Why We Do It


  • Ensure products get used to their full extent
  • Saving materials from flooding landfills
  • Total water & energy saver
  • Less extraction of natural resources
  • Replaces the need for more product production
  • Offers products at affordable prices
Our Commitment to Quality

YFM's Restoration + Quality Control

We have a rigorous restoration and quality control process to ensure every product meets our high standards. Shop with confidence knowing you're getting safe and effective beauty products.

Meet the founder

The Tiny Chick Behind

the Big Idea

Embarking on a greener, acne-free path, I scrutinized my daily practices and considered areas I was squandering money on unnecessary items – and that led me straight to my beauty regime! It’s astounding to think about the amount I shelled out over time, in an attempt to heal my impaired skin, oblivious to the fact that it was these very products causing harm in the first place. It spawned the idea of establishing a platform where people can resell, contribute or correctly dispose of items they don't need or that didn't meet their needs. In addition, it offers average buyers like me the chance to acquire products they adore without financially overstretching.

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Why Our Customers Love Us


We believe in a future where beauty is reusable

Closing the loop within the beauty industry is led by YouFromMe, creating numerous benefits for the environment and consumer spending.