Restoration + Sanitation

Don’t get it twisted just because it’s thrifted!

Our proprietary sanitation and restoration process ensures each beauty product is restored to its best condition.

We’ve developed a 5-step inspection and sanitation procedure to ensure you get the best quality when purchasing from our website.

Products from YouFromMe are 100% authentic, clean and properly packaged.


Over 60% of YoufromMe’s inventory is brand new and unopened.

Despite its growing popularity, “thrifted beauty” faces unique hurdles much different than thrifted fashion. Product hygiene and expiration dates are very important factors, which can lower confidence in buying these products secondhand.

YouFromMe is a centralized operation, where every single product that is being sold through our website goes through an evaluation and sanitation process. This way we make sure that all products offered are clean and ready to be loved again.
Items only accepted brand new and in sealed packaging
  • Make-Up
  • Tools (brushes, rollers, cleansing devices)
  • Nail polish
  • Hygiene Products
Items that can be accepted brand new and gently used
  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Bath & Body
  • Fragrance
How it works

The YFM Sanitation Process

  1. Visual Inspection
    High lumen LED light to check the fill level and contaminants.

  2. Authenticity Reference
    Cross reference check of expiration dates, UPC codes, batch / lot codes for manufacturing dates and authenticity.

  3. Layered Product Removal
    If applicable, products that come in jars (for example, cream) have the top layer of product removed from the container.

  4. Bacteria Test
    For gently used products in opened containers, we use dip slides to test for bacteria, yeast, and fungi. The BTM2 dip slides test for aerobic bacteria and yeasts and moulds (fungi). They have nutrient agar on one side and Malt Extract on the other. They also contain red spot dye which makes it easier to interpret results.

  5. Outer Layer Cleaning
    The outer surfaces, lids and nozzles are cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol, as well as environmentally-friendly castile soap to give the brand a new look and feel.

Seller Pro Tip: Our preferred product containers are pumps and squeeze bottles. They prevent any contamination through the surrounding atmosphere and keep the product safe in its containment.

YFM Guarantee

YouFromMe strives to restore beauty products back to brand new-like condition. If you feel like a product you ordered has not been restored to its full potential, please send us an email directly to