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3 Beauty Products You Didn't Think You Needed In 2020

3 Beauty Products You Didn't Think You Needed In 2020

We live in such an experimental generation that everyone wants to get there hands on the latest and greatest skincare brand and now a days we feel like a new brand launches every ten minutes and we just can not keep up! 

Not everybody has the time to sit and go through every single product to find out if it's ingredients are safe or if it will benefit there skin, hair or body. So we have highlighted 5 products below that have came in for selling recently that we never heard of before but have discovered that they have so much to offer and have so many amazing ingredients that we wanted to share with you!

  • The Dual Phase Setting Mist by Power Up acts in two different ways one as a toner and also as a setting spray (which frankly I am all about skipping a step or two in my skincare routine) It is formulated with 2 layers that activate when you shake them. The top layer is made up of weightless botanical oils: Moringa Seed & Ginger Root oil, that nourish and soothe while giving you a glow that is never greasy or oily. The bottom layer is made up of Witch Hazel, Aloe & Electrolytes which purify, hydrate & energize skin.This does have essential oils in it so anyone that is sensitive to them I would stay clear!
  • Wella's Invigo Volume Boost Crystal Mask is a treatment that provides fullness, body and manageability for hair. There first translucent rinse-out treatment for extra-lightweight care. It contains a spring force blend which bodifys polymers and lightweight conditioning ingredients that leave hair soft to the touch, without the usual weight of a normal mask.
  • The Get that Grime Face Scrub by Florence / Mills buffs away pore-clogging nasties while nourishing the skin with vitamin E. They want to get that grime but with no microbeads. This formula gets its exfoliating power from sustainable ivory palm seed powder, a more planet-friendly way to scrub. Cucumber extract keeps skin chill and soft.

 Happy Shopping Loves :)

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