Static Nails

Liquid Glass Lacquer Top Coat



Static Nails patented Liquid Glass Top Coat locks in color, helps prevent chipping, amplifies high-gloss shine, and adds additional strength for your most beautiful manicure yet! Lacquers last up to 10 days without chipping when paired with Static Nails Liquid Glass Primer and Top Coat.

ROSEHIP: Promotes nail growth
COCONUT OIL: Nourishes dry, brittle nails
GREEN TEA: Makes nails stronger



    x Shake well before using.
    x Seal the edge of your fingertips on every single layer.
    x Let each layer dry before applying the next (about 1 additional minute after painting your last nail).
    x Do not use additional products before painting such as cuticle oils, lotions, creams, or nail treatments.
    x Wear gloves when dealing with products that contain harsh, drying chemicals, such as cleaning supplies and sanitizers, which can dry out the lacquer and your hands. NOTE: Some cuticle oils dry out polish and lacquers. Opt for hand cream over cuticle oil if you notice early chipping or fading. 

    TO REMOVE: Simply wipe away color with regular nail polish remover, wash hands, then dry. No harsh soaking or scraping here. NOTE: We do not recommend removers with acetone as acetone makes natural nails dry and brittle.

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